Please help us support our very own shane

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Our popular bartender, friend and colleague Shane Synan fought a courageous battle with cancer that sadly ended with his passing on January 17th.  The positivity and fortitude with which he is faced this challenge was humbling and inspirational.

We are accepting donations to help provide financial support to  Kim and the children Kale & Kiyah. 

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In Support of Shane

Shane was a welcoming presence behind the bar at Tra’Li since we first opened our doors in 2008. He was truly a cornerstone of everything that it has become.  We hope that all of you who at some stage have benefited from the humor, warmth and wit of Shane will make an effort to support the family in their time of loss. 

Gone but never forgotten. His presence will endure in our memories and in the community that is,  our pub.


Support Shane

"Stand Behind the Man Behind the Bar"