Inspiration & A Little History

Tra’Li is the main town in County Kerry otherwise known as ‘The Kingdom’. The name Kerry refers to an early Celtic tribe who settled in the area - From the Irish 'Ciarrai' - 'Ciar's People'. The highest mist shrouded mountains in Ireland Carrauntoohil, and Mount Brandon stand in Kerry, with its Dingle Peninsula forming Ireland's western extreme and where the next Parish is New York!

Steeped in myth and legend with a history that goes back to the Celtic twilight, a place of stunning scenery known for the warmth and hospitality of its people. That is what we have tried to transplant into this corner of North Carolina and we very much hope that you will enjoy the result.

Set in Ireland’s rugged southwest, where the Atlantic crashes against a towering, rocky coastline is Tra’Li (pronounced Tralee in English). The name ‘Trá Li’, means ‘Strand of the Lee’ (river). It is in the ‘Beautiful Vale of Tra’Li, on an ancient roadway overlooked by the Slieve Mish Mountains. The medieval town was burnt to the ground in 1580 in retribution for a rebellion against Elizabeth I of England’. So no rebellions in the bar please!

The most famous Kerryman of all time was Daniel O’Connell. His picture hangs in place of honor in our library room. O’Connell lead a brilliant career fighting for the rights of the Irish people in the British Parliament before his heart was eventually broken by the ravages of the great famine in 1845.

Some say that America was first discovered by a native of Tra’Li, Saint Brendan (c. 484 - c. 577) known as ‘Brendan the Navigator’ (One of the early Irish monastic saints). He is renowned for his legendary quest ‘The Voyage of St Brendan’. Whether this is true we will never know because there were never any charts produced so maybe in the true Irish style they had a few celebratory pints afterwards and just forgot about it!

"A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he's just as good as everybody else." JB Keane