True talent.
It makes a big difference!
And whenever and wherever he performs, North Carolina native son Mike Davis reveals that special kind of true musical talent every time he hits the stage. The kind that stops you in your tracks, turns your head, and keeps you riveted in place, taking it all in, smiling in wonder and delight. 
You’ll love how Mike will jump across multiple musical genres, sing with a passion and a sense of joy, and make his guitar sooth or excite. His accompanying rhythms and musical arrangements will make you want to sing right along with him or dance---or both! 
You’re going to appreciate the repertoire, too. Some songs that you’ve always loved, some that you might only vaguely remember, and some you may have never heard before but will definitely now want to hear again. All delivered with a disarming smile, a high spirit, and a genuine desire to touch each and every one in his audience.
Make plans to catch the Mike Davis Experience. True talent to enjoy and marvel at!