Tra'Li Irish Pub in Morrisville has a comedy show! First Saturdays every month.

Eric Megert blends punchlines with thinly veiled sarcasm and bitterness as he plays clubs, bars and anywhere with a microphone.  He has worked with comedians from HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central.  He has... Why are you still reading this?  Seriously, just come to the show.  It will be a good time.


Nik Cartwright is a young energetic comic who has opened for Amya Kaplan and Sean Patton


Jonathan ‘Tank’ Smith grew up on the docile suburban streets of Peachtree City, GA. Now living in Raleigh, NC, Tank Smith enjoys making the Triangle laugh with his own brand of honest, observational, and storytelling comedy. Sporting a rotund Cleveland Jr-esq physique, Tank is truly a commanding presence on stage.

Chuck finds funny in everything from the ordinary routine of daily life to societies darkest taboos. He' not anti social he's just anti asshat!