Tra'Li Irish Pub in Morrisville has a comedy show! First Saturdays every month.

Grant Sheffield is a comic based in North Carolina and can be seen on comedy shows throughout the Triangle and Eastern North Carolina. Grant has worked with comedians such as Tom Simmons, James Hodge, Ryan Davis, and MIchael Harrison to name a few.

Alex Garrettson is a stand up comic from Maryland that now resides in Winston Salem.

DeJahzh Hedrick is a stand up comedian. Born on a blood moon in Antarctica sometime around the 7th century AD

Brett Williams is a Songwriter, Comedian and Actor.  And is also bad at writing intros.

Chuck Roylston finds the funny in everything.  From the ordinary daily routine of life to societies darkest taboos, Chuck's perspective keeps audiences laughing.honest, observational, and storytelling comedy. Sporting a rotund Cleveland Jr-esq physique, Tank is truly a commanding presence on stage.

Chuck finds funny in everything from the ordinary routine of daily life to societies darkest taboos. He' not anti social he's just anti asshat!